Thursday, 28 May 2015

Freedom of Choice to Flag down a London Cabby in the Street or Poisoning a Person’s Perception with Neural Vibrations and Paring it with Quantum Algorithm Can Alter the Outcome of the Events

By Katrina Day 28/05/2015

 As a consumer I reserve a choice to either book a taxi by phone and that is by any type of telephone, mobile or landline or stop the taxi, flag it down in the street when I so please. By offering a lower fare and undercutting the London cabby business the Uber mobile taxis are trying to take away this choice. This is as simple as that. Or is it? When they destroy the London cabby service by offering a cheaper alternative, they will turn round and say that “it was a consumer choice” as many services have disappeared this way. Nothing can be further from the truth. I, the consumer, never choose to lose an alternative. As they want to blame me, the consumer, for their tactics, cutthroat, mafia type of bulging into any type of business, these globalists have even more sinister agenda in mind. Once they have deprived me and you the freedom of choice to take a taxi anonymously, flagging it down in the street, they will also have your total journey as an electronic record. From the point you have carried out a booking on a mobile phone and disclosed your whereabouts as well as your final destination, you have given away everything that they want to know about this particular extract of your life, with your own agreement you have exchanged you privacy for a tiny convenience. Now you can be tracked like a dog throughout your journey and soon you won’t even be able to book this treat by landline, it will have to be a digital form, a mobile phone, not an analogue one. This makes their life so easy, doesn’t it? We as consumers should rise up and defend our service being conscious that we are defending our freedom of choice.

However, there is more than meets the eye in this ardent desire by the globalists to know where we are and what we do at any given point. Many people do now fully comprehend the idea of being tracked and some don’t even feel uncomfortable about that. This is because they do not know why they are tracked and why some group wants to know everything about them. These uninformed people think that some secret service is collecting some superficial or metadata or lots of it and they cannot analyse it. Thus, the data sits there unattended. Quite the contrary, the secret service that serves the globalists and not our security is about control and now, they have a full technological capability to exercise absolute control over the innocent citizens. Reminding, innocent means, they have not done anything wrong. They do not hold violent or even adverse views. (They are not either rich or famous, just to remind that they are not very important either politically or in any other way), and they would live in total conformity by getting on peacefully with their lives. With quantum computers the services that allegedly, look after our security can analyse every single step we make, what we eat, what chemicals we intake, what we put on our skin, where we are, what our tastes and viewpoints are, they can listen into our conversations; and they know tiny details of our private lives, what makes us tick. They can have whole of our profile, personality on a platter. Some people still are not disturbed as this is also not the full truth.

Devising a quantum model of probabilities, that is based on the data of where one hundred people are at the given point and what they are doing is the start, they can augment this and by knowing more about their conversations, tastes, desires, aspirations, they can calculate the probability or even pinpoint it of what they will be doing in six months or in a year or in six years or ten years. If it still does not make some people feel uncomfortable about that. There is more.

Interfering into these people’s individual perception by altering their mood the benign quantum model can become aggressive quantum alteration. In other words, by altering the individual perception, one can change the outcome of things, alter the steps we make, the decisions we take and skew our path. In other words, rig the game. And this can also be calculated by the quantum algorithms. Now can we see why this small and powerful group want to know everything about us, this is the first step in absolute control they want to exercise over everybody. The earlier statement that by quantum algorithms and altering individual perception one can design and alter the outcome of things can be supported by research on our individual brain wave/frequency that is unique. Nobody’s brain neurons operate on the same frequency, they are all unique. This is a brilliant discovery for those who want to control and have technological capability with the powerful quantum machines that have instant processing power on multiple levels and everybody is a number.  The article Discovery of quantum vibrations in 'microtubules' corroborates theory of consciousness Lead author Stuart Hameroff and the subsequent study in state that:

“Clinical trials of brief brain stimulation aimed at microtubule resonances with megahertz mechanical vibrations using transcranial ultrasound have shown reported improvements in mood, and may prove useful against Alzheimer's disease and brain injury in the future.”

This needs to be understood in both ways. If the vibrations can improve the mood it can worsen the mood as well and poison the impression of the event thus alter the perception. This kind of alteration has got a lasting effect in future steps we may take and ultimately, it can alter the outcome of the events. Note that this study mentions Alzheimer’s patients to tell the public that they can ‘help’ the sick. Interferering with our individual brain function in such a direct way becomes more palatable if there is a proposal of some ‘medical help’. Nobody should have the right to send electro-magnetic pulses to a person’s brain directly and alter their mood either way. The alteration of one’s mood should come from our own perception, by picking up the information using our own sensory equipment, sight, hearing, touch, taste, irrespective of their quality; and thus forming our own experience, our own memory of this event which will affect our perception and form our mood, subsequently have bearing on our future decision making. One can argue that Alzheimer’s patients cannot form their memories any more. Precisely, because of that, it should be classed as violation of their integrity to directly affect their perception by these pulses. At any rate, an informed consent by the adult with corpus mentis must be required and this excludes the said patients. This also excludes anybody who is trying to travel by using a mobile phone booking service as they are getting more than they’ve bargained for.


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